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Peach cobbler

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Homemade rice chocolate

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Poppy seed, lemon and tarragon dessert

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American fluffy pancakes

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By on 5. February, 2017

Most of the granola you can buy at the supermarket is either expensive, or full of sugars, so I started making my own at home with ingredients that are nutritious. And another great thing about it is that it’s so adjustable you can replace almost any ingredient. You don’t like walnuts? Replace them with any […]

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Chocolate hazelnut dessert in a glass

By on 22. January, 2017

Loacker wafers, hazelnut mascarpone mousse and chocolate ganache make this creamy, delicious dessert irresistible. No oven needed. This is the second recipe on my blog made in partnership with Loacker. Loacker has been my favourite wafer brand since forever. Seriously, I remember my first time trying the classic hazelnut wafers in red packaging when I […]

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By on 15. January, 2017

These cute, little cookies are a delicious winter treat. The texture is very light and crumbly with crunchy nuts. After that, they melt in your mouth. You can use toasted almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios or hazelnuts. You could also substitute the nuts with chocolate chips and use various spices, but today I’m presenting roasted […]

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Peanut butter and chocolate bars

By on 8. January, 2017

  These are so addictive! Seriously, I forgot how good these little devils are. This is the proof that really simple things can be good as hell. This is a recipe that reminds me of high school. One schoolmate once made these, brought them to school and got everyone hooked on them! Everyone wanted the recipe […]

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Cinnamon cookies with a lemon glaze

By on 30. December, 2016

Hello! Today I’m sharing a fun cookie recipe that’s perfect for having fun with shapes and decorations. Delicious and delicate cookie, a hint of cinnamon, a bit of marmalade and lemon icing. I used two different homemade marmalades, apricot and plum, both versions are delicious! At first I set out to make these cookies in […]

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Chestnut delight

By on 20. November, 2016

Sooo, chestnuts in a dessert huh? Yes, this is a dessert with chestnuts that consist of a cookie base, caramel chocolate ganache, chestnut and cocoa bavarian cream, mascarpone mousse, almond sponge, chestnut mousse and milk chocolate. That’s a lot of layers I know. But this year I was so eager to make a chestnut dessert […]

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Apple and cinnamon crumble cake

By on 5. November, 2016

When somebody says autumn I hear cinnamon, apples, pears and pies. Late summer and early fall, those are my favorite months. All the pretty, colorful leaves falling and everywhere on the ground, ughh, what a lovely sight. It’s also a season when you can be dressed the nicest because the temperatures allow you to layer […]

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Peach and apricot galette

By on 20. July, 2016

I’ve been missing out! I’ve never tried a fruit galette before and I imagined it tastes like pie but for some reason, I always forget how much I actually like pies and so I don’t make them often.  A fruit galette is pretty simple to make so I wasn’t that interested, plus it’s a fruit […]

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