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Ruby Chocolate Blondies

By on 19. October, 2018
Ruby chocolate blondies with browned butter

These blondies are very special. Why? Because of the special ruby chocolate. These are delicious, chewy, ooey gooey ruby chocolate blondies with double chocolate in the batter and some more on top. It makes it look so pretty, and makes it taste even better than a normal blondie. This is my first chocolate recipe post […]

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Floating island

By on 16. September, 2018
Floating Island dessert

Floating island dessert, aka Ile flottante, aka Eufs à la neige, is a light, delicious French dessert made of creme anglaise and poached meringues. Silky vanilla sauce coating the super light and fluffy poached meringue that feels like eating a cloud. Add butter biscuits to give some texture and sweetness and you have a recipe for happiness. Maybe […]

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Mojito cupcakes

By on 19. August, 2018
Mojito cupcakes

Ohhh my, the summer has just got the most appropriate dessert, mojito cupcakes. Moist vanilla white rum cupcakes, lime curd filling with mint, mascarpone white rum frosting with brown sugar, lime and mint for decoration. All the mojito components in a cupcake, doesn’t that sound refreshing and delicious? I used white rum in the batter of the […]

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