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Chocolate hazelnut dessert in a glass

22. January, 2017

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Loacker wafers, hazelnut mascarpone mousse and chocolate ganache make this creamy, delicious dessert irresistible. No oven needed.


This is the second recipe on my blog made in partnership with Loacker.


Loacker has been my favourite wafer brand since forever. Seriously, I remember my first time trying the classic hazelnut wafers in red packaging when I was still in primary school. I’ve never been a fan of wafers, but man are they different. The texture is the lightest and crispiest thing ever, and the deep hazelnut flavour makes this wafer the best of the best, for me. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, but I would never talk so highly of something I don’t truly love and trust in. If you have never tried anything Loacker, I recommend doing that and thanking me later. I suggest the classic hazelnut flavour wafer to try first.


Now that I’ve expressed my sincere love for Loacker, can you imagine how thrilled I am to collaborate with them? Very.
I’m also very happy with how this dessert came out. I made 2 very rich glasses, so this dessert is perfect for Valentine’s day. If you can’t eat a lot, 1 glass would be enough for 2 people, or you can make 4 smaller portions.


(makes 2)

130 g whipping cream
100 g semi-sweet chocolate (or your favourite)

Hazelnut mascarpone mousse
140 g mascarpone
70 g powdered sugar
75 g Loacker hazelnut spread
180 g cold whipping cream

80 g Loacker napolitaner with hazelnut cream

whipped cream
roasted hazelnuts
hazelnut spread
Loacker mini


Heat up the whipping cream until almost boil, remove from heat and add chopped chocolate. Leave for a minute, then mix until you get a glossy, shiny ganache.

Hazelnut mascarpone mousse
Crush the Loacker wafers into small bits and set aside.
Mix mascarpone with powdered sugar for about 2 min, or until creamy. Add the hazelnut spread and mix to combine. Pour in the cold cream while mixing the mascarpone with an electric mixer. Mix until the mousse can hold its shape.

Prepare 2 glasses (300 ml or more). Pour a bit of ganache in the glasses, then put a quarter of the crushed wafers in each glass. Pour some ganache on top just to cover the wafers. Now pipe in the mascarpone mousse, top with some ganache, then the rest of the wafers, ganache and mousse again to the top. Put in the fridge to set for at least 2 h. Decorate with whipped cream, chopped roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut spread and a Loacker mini. Enjoy 🙂


Sharing is caring!

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