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Cinnamon roll cheesecake

30. November, 2017

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Oh wow. The first cheesecake recipe on my blog. It’s not that I don’t love me a good cheesecake, it’s actually one of my fav desserts, but it’s such an everyday classic dessert that I haven’t got around to making it. Although I have a recipe for my poppy seed and curd bars on the blog. When I saw a cinnamon roll cheesecake on The girl who ate everything, I knew it would be amazing and I had to try it. Oh my, I love being right, it’s so good, so addictive and even better than I expected. I don’t have to mention that cinnamon rolls are also one of my favourites right? Haha, I feel like I say that for almost every dessert now :D. It’s so creamy and sweet and cinnamony. The cinnamon roll batter part gives it the perfect texture that reminds of cinnamon rolls. I love it because the recipe doesn’t call for yeast, for some reason I don’t like making desserts with yeast even though I love to eat them.

I changed the recipe a bit because I thought it used too much sugar, so I reduced that a lot. I also used cottage cheese instead of Philadelphia cream cheese. I feel like cream cheese is a very American thing to use and yes, it’s what original cheesecake is made of, but in Slovenia, we have really good cottage cheese that we use a lot, so I used that and sour cream instead of the cream cheese. It makes the cheesecake lighter and contains more protein.

The last thing that makes the cheesecake as good as it is are those pockets of cinnamon filling. You will love those bursts of flavour!

You probably noticed the pictures look different than usual and that’s because they were taken by the talented Nina Stanič. She is a pro photographer and I thought it would be fun to combine our two passions to create something together. The pictures are totally in her style that I adore and I loved watching her work. She also has her own blog and is writing a cookbook, besides a ton of other projects she is doing and planning. A crazy, ambitious, talented woman I tell you :). For her story and more amazing pictures, you can check out her blog NinaStanic and her Instagram.

This is not the only thing that we did together so you are in for another treat in a while ^^.


Cinnamon roll batter
125 g sugar
55 g butter at room temperature
1 egg
120 ml milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
250 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Cottage cheese filling
320 g cottage cheese
180 g sour cream
120 g sugar
3 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp flour

Cinnamon filling
75 g melted butter
180 g sugar
3 tbsp cinnamon

Cream cheese frosting
70 g cream cheese Philadelphia
40 g butter at room temperature
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
80-120 g powdered sugar


Preheat the oven to 180°C and grease a 23 cm springform pan, or line it with parchment paper.

Cinnamon roll batter
With an electric mixer cream together the butter and sugar for 3 minutes, until light and fluffy. Add the egg, milk and vanilla extract, beat for another minute. Stir together the flour, baking powder and salt, then add that to the butter mixture. Mix on low speed just until everything is combined. Spread half of the batter onto the bottom of the prepared pan. The batter will be very thick and sticky, so it helps if you grease your hands a bit and then press the batter down. You will get a very thin layer but it will rise up during baking. Set aside and make the fillings.

Cottage cheese filling
If your cottage cheese isn’t smooth, use an immersion blender to get rid of the bigger lumps. Mix in the sugar and vanilla extract, beat for a minute. Add the eggs one at a time, mixing for a few seconds between each one. Add the flour and mix until it’s well combined. Pour the filling on top of the cinnamon roll batter that is in the prepared pan.

Cinnamon filling
Combine melted butter, cinnamon and sugar. Drop spoonfuls of the cinnamon filling over the entire top of the cheesecake making sure not to get too close to the sides. If you get too close to the sides, the filling could bubble out when baking.

Take the rest of the base batter and drop spoonfuls over the entire top of cheesecake. Bake for 45-60 min, or until the centre is set and the top is golden brown. Let it cool completely. Make the cream cheese frosting.

Creme cheese frosting
Beat the butter for a minute and then add all the other ingredients. Mix until well combined. Put the frosting in a pastry bag (or a ziplock bag), cut a little bit at the end and drizzle over the cooled cheesecake.


Sharing is caring!

    1. Yes, I agree! Cinnamon is such a comforting warm spice :). Hope you will like it! It’s quite sweet so you can use less sugar in the cinnamon filling if you want it less sweet!

    1. Hmm. The cheese filling should be tart because the cinnamon filling is very sweet to contrast that. Was it too sour for you? Try substituting the sour cream with whipping cream (a bit less of it) :).. Why would it get hard, that I have no idea I’m sorry… Maybe the sugar in the cinnamon filling didn’t melt?

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