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Filled chocolate egg

17. April, 2017

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I’ve seen some filled chocolate eggs on instagram and oh my, how amazing do they look? When they cut into the chocolate egg and the creamy gooey filling oozes out. That’s what I call food porn.
DSC_1143 DSC_1059 DSC_1168

So I really wanted to find out what the filling is, make it and dive into that lusciousness. And at first, I found nothing. Just a bakery in Brazil that makes them, but that doesn’t help me, I need a recipe!

DSC_1188 DSC_1200DSC_1234

After some more research, I was now all in Brazilian youtube videos for ovo de pascoa. That seemed about right. I looked into a few recipes and then went to experiment in the kitchen. I didn’t exactly follow a specific recipe but rather adjusted the ingredients along the way. I knew now that the main ingredient is condensed milk and creme de laite. But here is the problem. You would think that creme de laite is normal cream right? Well, it translates into that, but it’s not. I saw the consistency of it in the videos and creme de laite is much less liquid than our cream. At first, I was frustrated because I hate it when I can’t find foreign ingredients here, how am I going to have the same texture now? Then I got over it and said, whatever, I’ll just use normal whipping cream but use less of it, as I want the filling to be oozy. It’s all about the consistency, right?


You could really explore options here and make it in different ways. Make the base and then use chocolate or cocoa powder, hazelnut or milk spreads, fill them with wafers or cookies.


You don’t really need powdered milk (it does intensify the milk flavor), but it’s good to have it on hand to adjust the filling consistency, I also used it to make the balls that you see on the eggs. If you want the filling to be more liquidy, add more cream and if you want it less liquid, use more powdered milk.


This is a very sweet and filling dessert as you can imagine, so one (half) egg is not for one person okay :D? I filled 3 egg halves with this recipe.


3 midi sized chocolate egg halves
400 g condensed milk
25 g butter
40 g whipping cream
milk in powder (optional)

+80 g chopped white chocolate or spoonful of milk spread
biiig spoon of hazelnut spread or cocoa powder
few Loacker cocoa and milk wafers
crunchy pearls
small chocolate eggs
or whatever you want to fill and decorate the egg with


Bring condensed milk and butter to a boil and cook for about 6-10 min, stirring constantly (be careful to not let it burn because it will caramelize and become brown). The mixture should be slightly thickened. Add whipping cream, stir and remove from the heat.

Divide the mixture into two portions. Add the hazelnut spread to one and white chocolate to the other, stir well until you get a homogenous mixture. Check the consistency, but take into consideration that the filling will become a bit firmer as it cools down. If you would like your filling to be more liquid, add more whipping cream, or add some milk in powder, if you want it less liquid. (Optional) To make the balls that you see, take some of the filling and mix in some powdered milk to make it firm just enough that you can roll some balls and then cover them with powdered milk. Take half of the chocolate egg and fill the half of it with white filling. Take some wafers, roughly crush them and place on the white filling. Then fill with chocolate filling almost to the edges of the egg. Decorate with wafers, crunchy pearls, the balls you made and with whatever you want. Sprinkle with milk in powder and drizzle some more filling on top. Cut into it and watch how it oozes out mmm…

Sharing is caring!

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