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Homemade rice chocolate

7. July, 2017

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I bought puffed rice some time ago and still hadn’t used it, so it’s about time. I remembered rice chocolate exist and that I really like it, so I made it at home!

It’s such an easy and quick recipe but tastes just like the real deal, so there’s no excuse to not make it!


100 g semi-sweet chocolate
100 g milk chocolate
1 biig spoon of hazelnut spread (I used Loacker)
50 g puffed rice


Melt all the chocolate over a double boiler and then mix in the hazelnut spread. Add the puffed rice and mix. Spread the chocolate in any pan lined with parchment paper. I put it in a pan that’s 10 x 30 cm. Put the chocolate in the fridge to set. Take it out, cut it and eat!
Keep in the fridge, it’s hot outside!

Enjoy! 🙂


Sharing is caring!

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