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Coconut Tapioca Pudding with Passion sauce

Coconut Tapioca Pudding with Passion Sauce

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Walnut meringue cookies

Walnut Meringue Cookies

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Chocolate dream cake in a glas

Chocolate Dream Cake in a Glass

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New year champagne cake with pomegranate and ruby chocolate

New Year Champagne Cake with Pomegranate and Ruby Chocolate

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Peach cobbler

By on 10. September, 2017

Peach cobbler is an American dessert that I had my eye on for quite a while and finally, the time has come. Of course, I wanted to make it when peaches were in season, so when I realized that summer is slowly saying goodbye I took action (you can also use canned peaches). And wow, it’s so […]

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Boozy balls ×

By on 25. April, 2017

No, you are not getting drunk by eating these. I could also call them balls for unexpected guests, because they are ready in 10 minutes, and it couldn’t be easier :). I used rum, but you should use your favorite booze, Bourbon, Brandy, whatever. If you decide to use one of the stronger alcohols, use […]

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By on

What I am probably the most excited about is trying out new flavors, also bizzare ones at that. The weirder the better, but it has to be the good kinda weird, you know? And where better to get that than Japan? I’ve been thinking a long time about subscribing to some kind of sweets subscribtion […]

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