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Floating island

By on 16. September, 2018
Floating Island dessert

Floating island dessert, aka Ile flottante, aka Eufs à la neige, is a light, delicious French dessert made of creme anglaise and poached meringues. Silky vanilla sauce coating the super light and fluffy poached meringue that feels like eating a cloud. Add butter biscuits to give some texture and sweetness and you have a recipe for happiness. Maybe […]

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By on 7. March, 2017

O my! Had I known pavlova is a such a wonderful dessert, I would’ve made it long ago. The important thing now is that I know exactly what to make when I have leftover egg whites. There was a traditional carnival happening here a few weeks back and I had to make some doughnuts and […]

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Cupcakes | Healthy

Matcha chocolate chip muffins (vegan)

By on 20. January, 2017

I’m not a vegan, but I do like to make vegan desserts because they tend to be on the healthier side. For me it’s not the vegan side of these cupcakes that’s the best part, but the wholesome ingredients used. We have wholemeal spelt flour, coconut oil, matcha, flax seeds, almond milk and dark chocolate. I […]

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Peanut butter and chocolate bars

By on 8. January, 2017

  These are so addictive! Seriously, I forgot how good these little devils are. This is the proof that really simple things can be good as hell. This is a recipe that reminds me of high school. One schoolmate once made these, brought them to school and got everyone hooked on them! Everyone wanted the recipe […]

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Apple and cinnamon crumble cake

By on 5. November, 2016

When somebody says autumn I hear cinnamon, apples, pears and pies. Late summer and early fall, those are my favorite months. All the pretty, colorful leaves falling and everywhere on the ground, ughh, what a lovely sight. It’s also a season when you can be dressed the nicest because the temperatures allow you to layer […]

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Peach and apricot galette

By on 20. July, 2016

I’ve been missing out! I’ve never tried a fruit galette before and I imagined it tastes like pie but for some reason, I always forget how much I actually like pies and so I don’t make them often.  A fruit galette is pretty simple to make so I wasn’t that interested, plus it’s a fruit […]

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