Cinnamon cookies with a lemon glaze

By on 30. December, 2016

Hello! Today I’m sharing a fun cookie recipe that’s perfect for having fun with shapes and decorations. Delicious and delicate cookie, a hint of cinnamon, a bit of marmalade and lemon icing. I used two different homemade marmalades, apricot and plum, both versions are delicious! At first I set out to make these cookies in […]

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Peach and apricot galette

By on 20. July, 2016

I’ve been missing out! I’ve never tried a fruit galette before and I imagined it tastes like pie but for some reason, I always forget how much I actually like pies and so I don’t make them often.  A fruit galette is pretty simple to make so I wasn’t that interested, plus it’s a fruit […]

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Poppy seeds and curd bars

By on 26. May, 2016

These bars kind of mark the beginning of my baking. I’ve baked since I was very young, in primary school, but the only two things I would make were simple butter cookies and nutella and oats cookies. Let’s not judge me when I say that almost every time I made those nutella and oats ones […]

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