By on 5. February, 2017

Most of the granola you can buy at the supermarket is either expensive, or full of sugars, so I started making my own at home with ingredients that are nutritious. And another great thing about it is that it’s so adjustable you can replace almost any ingredient. You don’t like walnuts? Replace them with any […]

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Cupcakes | Healthy

Matcha chocolate chip muffins (vegan)

By on 20. January, 2017

I’m not a vegan, but I do like to make vegan desserts because they tend to be on the healthier side. For me it’s not the vegan side of these cupcakes that’s the best part, but the wholesome ingredients used. We have wholemeal spelt flour, coconut oil, matcha, flax seeds, almond milk and dark chocolate. I […]

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