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Mojito cupcakes

By on 19. August, 2018
Mojito cupcakes

Ohhh my, the summer has just got the most appropriate dessert, mojito cupcakes. Moist vanilla white rum cupcakes, lime curd filling with mint, mascarpone white rum frosting with brown sugar, lime and mint for decoration. All the mojito components in a cupcake, doesn’t that sound refreshing and delicious? I used white rum in the batter of the […]

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Birthday queen vanilla

By on 19. February, 2017

Hi. I’m a vanilloholic and this is my vanilla birthday cake. Well, one year is around and I expressed my feelings towards birthdays and getting older in the last years post about my  vanilla funfetti birthday cake. I did bake myself a pre-birthday cake (who does that?), and I will post the recipe for it next […]

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Chocolate hazelnut dessert in a glass

By on 22. January, 2017

Loacker wafers, hazelnut mascarpone mousse and chocolate ganache make this creamy, delicious dessert irresistible. No oven needed. This is the second recipe on my blog made in partnership with Loacker. Loacker has been my favourite wafer brand since forever. Seriously, I remember my first time trying the classic hazelnut wafers in red packaging when I […]

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Chestnut delight

By on 20. November, 2016

Sooo, chestnuts in a dessert huh? Yes, this is a dessert with chestnuts that consist of a cookie base, caramel chocolate ganache, chestnut and cocoa bavarian cream, mascarpone mousse, almond sponge, chestnut mousse and milk chocolate. That’s a lot of layers I know. But this year I was so eager to make a chestnut dessert […]

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