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Walnut Meringue Cookies

By on 20. December, 2018
Walnut meringue cookies

These crispy 3 ingredient Walnut Meringue Cookies will shock you with their simplicity, taste and texture. Very crisp, light, not too sweet, easy to make, cute and full of flavor, they are bound to become your new go-to cookies! Okay, I know I said 3 ingredients, but can you really count the salt and vanilla extract […]

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Floating island

By on 16. September, 2018
Floating Island dessert

Floating island dessert, aka Ile flottante, aka Eufs à la neige, is a light, delicious French dessert made of creme anglaise and poached meringues. Silky vanilla sauce coating the super light and fluffy poached meringue that feels like eating a cloud. Add butter biscuits to give some texture and sweetness and you have a recipe for happiness. Maybe […]

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By on 7. March, 2017

O my! Had I known pavlova is a such a wonderful dessert, I would’ve made it long ago. The important thing now is that I know exactly what to make when I have leftover egg whites. There was a traditional carnival happening here a few weeks back and I had to make some doughnuts and […]

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Funfetti birthday vanilla cake

By on 4. March, 2016

Happy birthday to me! To be honest, every year I’m feeling less excited about this day. I don’t like aging, I just wanna stay 21 forever ahh but what can we do. Let’s talk about this cake I made for my 22nd birthday rather then the scary time. This cake is pretty sweet. Ehm, literally. […]

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