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Chocolate Dream Cake in a Glass

By on 21. October, 2018
Chocolate dream cake in a glas

This Chocolate dream cake in a glass is what it says it is… A chocolate dream for chocoholics! Layers of moist, chocolate cake, creamy chocolate pudding, chocolate shell and cocoa powder. Chocolate dream cake in a glass came to be because I saw some popular dream cake in a facebook group I think and it […]

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Daim and maltesers chocolate cake

By on 26. December, 2015

Hey Dea, do you have a chocolate cake recipe ? Nope, never made one. What… In my 5-6 years of baking I have never made a chocolate cake. Yes, I made chocolate mousse, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies, chocolate this and that. But never a simple chocolate cake. I think it’s because […]

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