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Chestnut delight

By on 20. November, 2016

Sooo, chestnuts in a dessert huh? Yes, this is a dessert with chestnuts that consist of a cookie base, caramel chocolate ganache, chestnut and cocoa bavarian cream, mascarpone mousse, almond sponge, chestnut mousse and milk chocolate. That’s a lot of layers I know. But this year I was so eager to make a chestnut dessert […]

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Funfetti birthday vanilla cake

By on 4. March, 2016

Happy birthday to me! To be honest, every year I’m feeling less excited about this day. I don’t like aging, I just wanna stay 21 forever ahh but what can we do. Let’s talk about this cake I made for my 22nd birthday rather then the scary time. This cake is pretty sweet. Ehm, literally. […]

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