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Mojito cupcakes

By on 19. August, 2018
Mojito cupcakes

Ohhh my, the summer has just got the most appropriate dessert, mojito cupcakes. Moist vanilla white rum cupcakes, lime curd filling with mint, mascarpone white rum frosting with brown sugar, lime and mint for decoration. All the mojito components in a cupcake, doesn’t that sound refreshing and delicious? I used white rum in the batter of the […]

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Peach cobbler

By on 10. September, 2017

Peach cobbler is an American dessert that I had my eye on for quite a while and finally, the time has come. Of course, I wanted to make it when peaches were in season, so when I realized that summer is slowly saying goodbye I took action (you can also use canned peaches). And wow, it’s so […]

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By on 7. March, 2017

O my! Had I known pavlova is a such a wonderful dessert, I would’ve made it long ago. The important thing now is that I know exactly what to make when I have leftover egg whites. There was a traditional carnival happening here a few weeks back and I had to make some doughnuts and […]


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