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25. April, 2017

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dsc_0761What I am probably the most excited about is trying out new flavors, also bizzare ones at that. The weirder the better, but it has to be the good kinda weird, you know? And where better to get that than Japan?

dsc_0763I’ve been thinking a long time about subscribing to some kind of sweets subscribtion box, but I was hesitant because I knew I would either really hate it, or really love it, you know, the bad kind of weird and the good kind of weird. Then in October I finally decided to get it and there are lots of different ones, but I decided for TokyoTreat because shipping was free and the snacks looked good. So.. did I love it, or hate it? Bellow I will try to describe each snack as well as I can 🙂
This is December’s TokyoTreat box.


I will start with sweet snacks.

dsc_0769The one I loved the most was probably sake Kitkat. It wasn’t even a part of December’s box, but I got it with a special coupon code that TokyoTreat offered. A bag of mini white chocolate sake Kitkats. The texture is crispy as any Kitkat is, but the flavor is so interesting! I don’t really enjoy sake, but without the alcohol taste and in pair with sweet white chocolate it’s delicious.

dsc_0784dsc_0780I wouldn’t even place this in the second place, it’s so good that I would put it in the first place with sake Kitkat. Caramel corn. Omg, this thing is soo light and crispy. This time it was a milk flavor and it was delicious, but I believe any flavor of this snack would be delicious. In November I also got a caramel corn snack, but in apple pie flavor, it was even better.

dsc_0832dsc_0835Theese are chewy soft candies with strong classic flavors, but I really like the texture.

dsc_0836dsc_0839As soon as I opened the packet, the smell hit me. Sweet strawberry, mm, smells so good, but the flavor is just as delicious. The texture is chewy and smooth just about right.

dsc_0816dsc_0789This was curious. It’s in a shape of a cylinder, but it has a hole in the middle. And you won’t believe it, but the whole adds something to the snack haha. It just makes the whole texture a bit more interesting. It’s very crunchy and covered in smooth chocolate. I preffered the savory version of this much more.

dsc_0772Puffed rice crispy chocolate stars. They were quite good, I enjoyed them.

dsc_0809dsc_0813Uhmm what? I must say, of the whole bunch I was the most surpried by this. It’s made from gluten and thinly coated in brown sugar which is the only thing that gives it flavor. So it taste just like..sweet. but the texture is like eating thin paper, it’s weird in a good way. With each bite I asked myself, do I like this? I still have no answer. Would I eat it again? Yes.

dsc_0805dsc_0807They look like normal pieces of chocolate, but I was surprised when held it between my fingers. It’s because it has a special coating on the outside, so it doesn’t melt in your hands. Tastes like a good milk chocolate.

dsc_0797dsc_0795They are cute little stars, with just a bit of cocoa flavor. At least they have some vitamin D they say!

dsc_0799dsc_0800I like that these were miniature, I mean everything looks better in miniature form, am I right? The taste is nothing special, tho I think there was once spice that I couldn’t put my finger on. Texture is ok, like a crunchy cookie.

dsc_0846Just some coca-cola flavored candy. Meh.

dsc_0848Didn’t really like that. It impossible to make an image and the taste was.. I don’t even know. Fake :D.

Now onto salty things!

dsc_0819dsc_0787So goooood. This is so crispy and the flavor is so good. I would buy this a lot of times, if it was sold around here. Again, the shape and the hole in the middle adds to the whole experience. The best I can describe the taste is, if I say that it tastes like those super-light, salty snacks, but really good.

dsc_0775Again we have a tie, at the second place this time. The first is this very crunchy, scallop flavored snack. The crunch is more of a sturdy one. I loved everything about it.

dsc_0840dsc_0841The second thing are tomato flavored pretzels. Great texture, great flavor, what else can I say. I love thin snacks. The flavor reminded me more of a pizza than a tomato, but that’s even better.

dsc_0830The special things you get with a premium box subscription is a diy, a toy and a drink. This drink was in a cream stew ramune flavor, can you imagine that ? Yeah, me neither. So I bravely made the first sip and I wasn’t disgusted, I just couldn’t decide if I like it, or not. So I made another sip. It had a cream stew flavor and it was a bit carbonated, very weird. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t hate it either. I was actually excited because the flavor was so weird, so I kept making little sips. Interesting!

dsc_0791And this is the toy I recieved. I really don’t care about toys, they mostly gather dust and are useless to me (I really dislike useless things), but when I opened the box and saw this little guy, I immediately grew fond of him. He looked so special and funny, I was delighted. Now he is keeping me company, hanging from the shelf above my computer screen. Such a silly guy. Isn’t he cute??

Overall I loved the box, definitely worth it! Since my December box I ordered two more and right now I have the April one. Follow me on instagram and watch my insta story to find out more 🙂

You can order yours here: TokyoTreat

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